Viptela to accelerate Cisco’s intent vision.

Viptela to accelerate Cisco’s intent vision.

Cisco have announced that they have completed Viptela’s acquisition, with a press-release that indicates this fits within their intent-based networking strategy announced last week. As predicted, the value of the deal was $610mn.

As is becoming common with Cisco, there is also a blog post providing additional information on the acquisition Viptela . This makes interesting reading, particularly the section on the vision for Cisco’s SD- services. I quote:

  • For customers and partners that require -first SD- solutions with advanced routing, complex topologies, or granular segmentation capabilities, Cisco’s SD-WAN solution based on will be the preferred solution.

  • For customers looking for unified threat management (UTM) solutions with SD- functionality or are existing customers looking to to SD-WAN then Cisco Meraki is the recommended solution.

  • For customers of Cisco’s IWAN solution, we will continue to invest in the roadmap of IWAN and support customers on Cisco’s IWAN solution. As new unified offers are made available with ’s incorporated in the ISR and ASRs, customers will be able to migrate to the new unified solution as needed or desired.

So it looks as if IWAN will gradually be phased into the offering, and the entry-level SMB SD-WAN users directed towards Meraki.


John Dixon

John Dixon is the Principal Consultant of thirteen-ten nanometre networks Ltd, based in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. He has a wide range of experience, (including, but not limited to) operating, designing and optimizing systems and networks for customers from global to domestic in scale. He has worked with many international brands to implement both data centres and wide-area networks across a range of industries. He is currently supporting a major SD-WAN vendor on the implementation of an environment supporting a major global fast-food chain.

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