What do thirteen-ten nanometre networks do?

thirteen-ten nanometre networks provide enterprise IT consultancy services. We have a broad of experience, but a focus on visualisation, network, and software-defined infrastructure.

We believe that the foundation of any good business is the ability to access your most crucial non-tangible asset, data. We help you move that data as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Wherever needed, data is available for use by customers, by partners, by your staff. We then aid you by turning the data into the most useful of commodities, information. Information supports your business in its decision-making. Using current data to prepare insightful information helps your business make choices to keep you in front of your competition.

Your data can be stored anywhere, but you need your information accessible from anywhere, wherever you are, whenever you want. We help you make that information available across your enterprise (with appropriate safeguards), improving productivity, and providing your end-customers with improved service and experience. We also believe the most useful thing we do is to help you deliver the changes to your business processes, fully taking advantage of the advances in your enterprise IT architecture and infrastructure.

Our consultants have an extensive of working with large and small enterprise customers, alongside service providers, systems integrators and application developers. We understand your compliance needs and work in environments where the requirement is to work to standards such as EMA, FDA, GxP, HIPPA or PCI.

Below are some of the projects our consultants delivered:

  • Network for Global Consumer Packaged Goods company
  • Hybrid Network for Oilfield company
  • Application and Network Optimization for phone retailer
  • Manufacturing Plant network upgrades for a pharmaceutical company

We also produce CoherentLight, this blog, covering updates in the software-defined networking and application performance and management .