Uber Adopts IPv6, the Next-Gen Internet Protocol

Uber, the taxi company with no vehicles, has provided an interesting insight into their network infrastructure. Being a global company, they need to be accessible by those locations that are Continue Reading →

Silver Peak updates SD-WAN with Packet-iQ to make choices from the first packet

A press release from Silver Peak announces recent innovations for their SD-WAN product set. Enhancements to their EdgeConnect environment are Packet-iQ for first packet path choices, a stateful firewall and Continue Reading →

What is the difference between a virtualised network and network virtualisation?

With the advent of compute virtualisation, it was necessary to extend the physical network from outside the host into the virtualised environment within the host. This is achieved with the Continue Reading →

Three Bottlenecks of WAN – Bandwidth, Latency and Cost

There are three bottlenecks to Wide Area Networks (WANs) that don’t exist in other environments, and these are Bandwidth, Latency and Cost. (And in true three pronged problem fashion, you Continue Reading →

RFC7511: Scenic Routing for IPv6


An RFC has been published today to cover alternatives to IPv6 routing options.

In times of Green IT, a lot of effort is put into reducing the energy consumption of routers, switches, servers, hosts, etc., to preserve our environment. This document looks at Green IT from a different angle and focuses on network packets being routed and switched around the world. – RFC7511 Introduction

References are made to other RFC, in the spirit of re-using and extending as has been the basis of the Internet and it’s growth, including RFC1149, RFC5841, and RFC6214.