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Cisco Systems was significant in creating the early public Internet, with its AGS routers powering many sites and nodes. Now it is the largest networking company in the world.

Founded in 1984 by husband and wife team Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, who met whilst at Stanford University. Cisco was initially headquartered in Menlo Park, California, USA, later moving to San Jose, California, USA.

The initial Cisco AGS (Advanced Gateway Server) was followed with the IGS and MGS platforms for smaller sites. The devices were gateways, as originally they supported both routing, bridging and protocol translation between TCP/IP, DECNet LAT and X.25. The AGS router required add-in cards and modules fitted to the back plate. This resulting lots of internal ribbon cables going to various backplate modules that provided the physical cabling to the rest of the world via CSU/DSU or NTU equipment.

This changed when Cisco created the 7000 series routers, which provided a single chassis with hot-swappable interface cards, but still used a similar internal architecture to the AGS platform. As with the AGS there was a route processor and switch processor cards. The serial connections were a single format that adapted to the local connection with an appropriately configured cable. Cisco later created the fixed format Cisco 2500 series routers. These routers shared a lot of common design, software and accessories, so the cost of deploying a remote router dropped considerably.

Over the years it has purchased many companies and technologies, including Crescendo networks, which provided LAN switching; Stratacom, which provided core network ATM switching capability; Jabber for presence and IM software; Meraki for wireless infrastructure; AppDynamics, for application performance monitoring; and Viptela for Software-Defined WAN, amongst others. As well as purchasing technology, Cisco has developed over 10,000 patents.


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