Big four cloud providers continue to dominate in 2017Q2

Synergy Research has completed their analysis of the cloud marketplace for the end of Q2 2017. This shows that Amazon is still out in front (34%), with share exceeding the joint Microsoft (11%), IBM (8%) and Google (5%).

IBM leads in the hosted private cloud segment while Alibaba is the fourth largest IaaS provider. Alibaba has seen growth in its home Chinese marketplace, placing it behind the AMG service-providers. Amazon, Microsoft and Google continue to see increases in market share. Microsoft’s Azure platform has seen the largest growth this quarter, with wins including shipping giant, Maersk Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote CPH:MAERSK-B this time..

Of the next largest 10 companies, Oracle and Alibaba are the fastest growing. Synergy reckons that the cloud marketplace is worth $11bn/quarter, and is growing at 40%/year.

Cloud Marketplace in Q2 2017 - Synergy Research