IPv6 – 5 years after World IPv6 Launch Day – where are we now?

A long time back, the Internet was small. It had addresses, but only 4.29 billion of them. Back in 1979, when the addressing was being solidified, that must have seemed Continue Reading →

Uber Adopts IPv6, the Next-Gen Internet Protocol

Uber, the taxi company with no vehicles, has provided an interesting insight into their network infrastructure. Being a global company, they need to be accessible by those locations that are Continue Reading →

The Great British Internet Filter – how to protect children from the “bad” parts of the Internet

Yesterday David Cameron, Prime Minister, made a speech about making the internet safer for children by cracking down on online pornography. Let’s look at what he said about an Internet Continue Reading →

Bufferbloat – or why you need intelligent edge control of flows

As part of an investigation into several other things, my Internet research dredged up some work by Jim Gettys on Bufferbloat, which was related closely enough to my intended target Continue Reading →