Raspberry Pi Foundation release updated Model A+

The foundation yesterday released a new iteration of the popular maker . Previously updates have focused on the more capable networked Model B which has provided wired connectivity. This time around, they have updated the Model A+, previously a first generation Raspberry Pi product.

However, with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, the device uses the same Broadcom 2837 SoC (doubling the clock speed and quadrupling the core count). They also added dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth from the Model 3 B+. It still has the same amount of memory as original Pi Model A+ boards, at 512MB.

The main differences are a reduced USB port count (down to one from four). It is also missing the wired port (and the PoE support that this can bring).

The price of the board is $25, which is $10 higher than the Zero W (but you gain a DSI interface to directly drive LCD panels, dual-band WiFi, as well as more and faster CPU cores), and $10 less than the Pi 3 Model B+ (but you lose the Ethernet port). I suspect that if you need the extra processing , then the new Model A+ suits you better than the Zero W. (The Zero could still win if space is really at a premium). But full connectivity options are still best with the wired Ethernet option of the Model B+.