Raspberry Pi Zero goes Wireless

As the Raspberry Pi turns 5, the Raspberry Pi Foundation launch a new model into the range.

This is the Raspberry Pi Zero W, a variant of the Raspberry Pi Zero launched in November 2015, but with onboard Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0, using the same Cypress CYW43438 as the Raspberry Pi 3 to provide these features.

It still has all the features from the Zero that you know and love, so a single core ARM processor, 40-pin GPIO connector, camera interface (added to more recent revisions of the Zero since it’s original launch).

So if you’re not doing off-line or LoRa connected things, then this is board for you to have that extra connectivity.

This new board is slightly more expensive, with a retail price of $10, rather than the amazingly cheap $5 for the Zero. But imagine what the extra $5 of Wifi connectivity could do for your IoT projects.