Riposte to Microsoft’s VMware in Azure

Riposte to Microsoft’s VMware in Azure

VMware has issued a blog post riposte to Microsoft‘s recent announcement supporting VMware in the Azure environment. It uses Microsoft’s deployment of VMware as an argument that they are indeed the best platform for the cloud. They also point out that the VMware in Azure platform isn’t a strategic environment for your VMware stack. VMware is keen to make you aware that the environment isn’t sanctioned by them. I suspect from the tone of the post there may be sanctions for any partner that worked with Microsoft on the deployment.

VMware does not recommend and will not support customers running on the Azure announced partner offering. – Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Cloud Services, VMware

VMware goes on to promote the old VMware Air platform in OVH, IBM Cloud for VMware Infrastructure, which provides a VMware environment on IBM Cloud (SoftLayer) platform, and VMware on AWS as prefered cloud deployments of the VMware environment. OVH and IBM have deployed VMware HCX, which provides a “superior” alternative to the Microsoft’s Azure Migration service, offering “secure, seamless interoperability and hybridity” between vSphere clouds. This is currently in beta with both IBM and OVH, but will be generally available next year.

VMware also reminds folks about VMware Cloud Foundation, using a standardised deployment model for VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX. Partners for this again include IBM and OVH, as well as Rackspace, and CenturyLink. There are also 4100+ VMware Cloud Provider partners, delivering value to customers for enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure.

We are committed to engineering, testing and validating cloud solutions that meet the needs of our customers. You can look to VMware Cloud on AWS and cloud offerings from partners such as IBM, OVH, Rackspace, Virtustream, CenturyLink and as others come to market, that are properly validated and supported by VMware. – Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Cloud Services, VMware


John Dixon

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