South Atlantic submarine cable links USA and India

An agreement between Seaborn Networks and IOX Cable will see a new cable route established between the USA and India. (Seaborn Networks and IOX Cable Ltd to Provide First Subsea Route Between U.S. and India via Brazil and South Africa)

This relies on the SABR cable that will link Brazil and South Africa, ready for service in 2019. The IOX cable should also complete again in 2019. The US end will connect with SeaBras-1 to Brazil. It will then pass onwards using the planned SABR cable to link to South Africa. There data will transit the IOX cable through Mauritius to India.

The route might not be of benefit to locations at either end, as it’s not the most direct path between the USA and India. If you’re located in South Africa or South America, this route is a big help, considerably reducing latency to the endpoints. So by linking three of the BRICS countries, the companies are hoping to capitalise on their rapid growth.

“We are extremely pleased to work with IOX to provide this unique and highly secure route. This alliance will reshape the global communications landscape for the Southern Hemisphere.” – Larry Schwartz, Chairman and CEO of Seaborn.

“This new relationship between Seaborn and IOX pioneers new global route alternatives to interconnect key emerging markets with the U.S. ¬†This strategic relationship is a step forward for us to give our customers and partners the best routes and services and also contribute to the emerging digital economies.” –¬†Arunachalam Kandasamy, Founder and CEO, IOX