Seabras-1 cable final splice milestone

A new cable between New York, New York, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil, is almost ready. The SeaBras-1 cable has completed its final splice milestone, with the sub-sea elements completed on July 7th. The final test  phase is now conducted on the cable, prior to being Ready for Service, expected in the middle of August.

The cable is being laid by Seaborn Networks investing over $520mn in the project. The 6 pair, 72Tb/s cable runs from Wall Cable Landing Station in the US to Praia Grande in Brazil. Seaborn are offering products in SDH, wavelength and Ethernet at 10Gbs and 100Gbs levels.

This is a tremendous achievement for both Seaborn and Seabras-1,” said Larry Schwartz, Chairman and CEO, Seabras Group and Seaborn Networks.

As the first direct cable between the two locations, it minimises latency over current routes. These take multiple hops, and are further from the ideal great circle path. They have also selected points ear-marked for additional spurs to both Brazil (Fortalezza and Rio de Janerio); the USA (Virgina Beach and Miami); and St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. There is also potential to take the cable to Cape Town, South Africa.

An onward connection to Beunos Aires, Argentina is also planned via a separate cable (ARBR-1), planned by Seaborn and Grupo Werthein. This is a 4 pair 48Tb/s cable that extends from Praia Grande to Las Toninas, Argentina, before going overland to Beunos Aires.

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