Cisco buys OpenDNS

OpenDNS has been acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. 43,84 +0,26 +0,60%. The innovative company that provided a managed service under the guise of becomes part of the networking giant. The team folds into Cisco’s security group, with founder David Ulevitch now a vice-president. Cisco offered $635mn in cash and assumed equity awards to complete the deal. (’s venture capital investors get some Cisco stock).

This isn’t just a deal to gain or share. There are real benefits to Cisco customers available now. Meraki and Cisco users can quickly configure their appliances to take advantage of using OpenDNS’s infrastructure (if they haven’t already) by making a few quick configuration changes. Similarly, an based integration links the Cisco AMP Threat Grid and OpenDNS’s Umbrella service.

Cisco has the obligatory press-release (Cisco Completes Acquisition of OpenDNS). OpenDNS also has an FAQ about the Cisco acquisition on their website.

“Delivering pervasive security capabilities from the is a core part of our mission to provide Security Everywhere across the extended network from data center to the to devices. By integrating the OpenDNS platform with Cisco’s security solutions, customers will receive greater network visibility and threat intelligence for cloud delivered protection against malicious websites and threats. Together, we will deliver protection that is unmatched in the industry.” – David Goeckeler, SVP and General Manager, Cisco Security Business Group.