NetGate introduce new SG-1100 entry point firewall appliance

NetGate introduce new SG-1100 entry point firewall appliance

NetGate has announced a new version of its entry point gateway appliance. The SG-1100 has 5 times the performance of the previous SG-1000 micro firewall appliance. Marvell‘s EspressoBIN platform provides the core of the device. The appliance uses the dual-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor, 1GB of memory, and three 1Gb/s network ports. The device has a throughput of 1Gb/s, but it’s not indicated if this is measured with secured traffic or just routed from port to port.

NetGate also develops the pfSense firewall platform. It is, therefore, no surprise that pfSense is the default software for the device. The device is available to pre-order now, priced at $159, with shipping starting on January 14 2019.

The appliance provides an additional network port over the SG-1000, making three Gigabit Ethernet ports in total. As well as a traditional two port firewall, it can support guest WiFi or DMZ deployments.

“We hinted at an ESPRESSObin-based product a few months back, and the interest went high immediately. No surprise there as this SOC is high performance, compact, and low power – making it a perfect pairing for pfSense software. For businesses and consumers who value well-engineered secure networking products that are designed, built, packaged and supported under one roof, the SG-1100 will be tough to beat.” – Jim Thompson, Chief Technical Officer, Netgate

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John Dixon

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