Telefonica expands Nuage solution with SDN for data centers

Spain‘s Telefonica Espana has selected Nokia‘s Nuage Networks to provide the SDN infrastructure for datacenter modernisation programme. This adds to the current SD-WAN deployment they made in 2017. (Nokia’s Nuage Networks SD-WAN selected to transform Telefónica business service)

The deployment will use a spine and leaf architecture, as with most modern datacenter deployments. The design deploys Nokia 7250-IXR routers (in the ten slot version) as high-density spines. Data center gateway routers will use the Nokia 7750-SR platform. The Nuage 210WBX platform will provide the leaf capability within the data centre. These are managed by the Nuage Virtualised Cloud Services platform (VCS) to deliver a software-defined data center environment. VCS automations and manages the virtual networks deployed across the datacentre, including bandwidth, QoS policy and security services. Virtualised Services Platform (VSP) integration supporting the SD-WAN deployment links branch, cloud, and data center in a seamless SDN infrastructure.

“To meet the rapidly emerging business requirements for agility and on-demand deployments, we moved aggressively to build our business connectivity services around a new cloud-based architecture. Nuage Networks provided us with a highly scalable SDN architecture that could support all our services across all our regions without disruption. We are confident our customers will significantly improve their businesses with these new cloud-based services.”  – Joaquín Mata, Director of Operations, Network and IT, Telefónica España

“The IT, communications and service needs of today’s enterprises have much higher demands than just a few years ago and therefore require new technologies to support them. We worked closely with Telefónica to assure the Nuage Networks SDN solutions address the requirements of its entire network infrastructure from the data center to remote WAN sites around the globe. Enterprise customers who need more flexibility and agility to quickly propel themselves into new markets can get it through trusted providers like Telefónica.” – Sunil Khandekar, Founder and CEO, Nuage Networks, Nokia


Nokia: (Telefónica Spain transforms its data centers with Nokia high-performance routing and Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services)