IoT trends change the world

Maciej Kranz, the author of Building the Internet of Things, has a blog in which he espouses his Latest Thinking.

In the latest instalment (Seven Trends Changing IoT — and the World), he looks at the future of the of Things (). He highlights seven trends that are going to in an industry that is expected to grow 15% to $773bn this year.

These are:

  1. Artificial intelligence, fog, and are converging to become the key technologies for IoT transformation.
  2. Co-everything is the new normal.
  3. The world is marching toward open standards, open architectures, and interoperability.
  4. is the make-or-break factor for IoT.
  5. Governments are stepping in to regulate IoT security, privacy and standards.
  6. IoT is revolutionising data .
  7. is rising as a top IoT innovator and adopter.

These trends are pushing IoT to develop new business models. IoT senses and generates the data, which we would previously use to improve business processes. Now AI-based data analytics derives information from the collected data lake. That information used in a collaborative way, within and outside of your business, allows transformative opportunities to develop.

What are you going to do with IoT to change the world?

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