OpenContrail becomes Tungsten Fabric

OpenContrail becomes Tungsten Fabric

The Linux Foundation has recently obtained the OpenContrail source from Juniper. Having fully transitioned OpenContrail into the Linux Foundation, it is now rebranded as Tungsten Fabric. This move may appear to further distance it from Juniper‘s Contrail.

But inside it is still the same SDN orchestrator, providing control, visibility and analytics across the network. Tungsten Fabric integrates with many different cloud technology stacks, including Kubernetes, VMware and OpenStack; and supports hybrid cloud as well as pure public and private deployments. It still contains the high-performance vRouter and the controller which orchestrates the network overlays, switch fabrics and router gateways. All of which is being contributed to by various community members such as AT&T, Juniper Networks, , and Yandex, amongst others. This spurs its use in massive scale deployments supporting diverse environments from hyperscale cloud to telecom operators to enterprises.

“We are pleased create Tungsten Fabric with a neutral governance under The . The set up allows Tungsten Fabric to collaborate with other Linux Foundation and Networking projects. We're looking forward to expanded collaboration across a growing software-defined ecosystem.” – Arpit Joshipura, General Manager Networking, The Linux Foundation.

welcomes Tungsten Fabric's move to the Linux Foundation. Tungsten Fabric's with open source and this move will enable faster integration into the growing software-defined networking ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to work with the open source community to help this software take advantage of the performance benefits of the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), and to provide optimizations that leverage hardware acceleration features such as Intel® -NI and Intel® QuickAssist Technology to important capabilities in critical areas like network services, analytics, and .” Rajesh Gadiyar, Vice President, Data Center Group and CTO Network Platforms Group, Intel

Announced via a press release from the Linux Foundation (OpenContrail is Now ‘Tungsten Fabric,' Completes Move to The Linux Foundation) 27 March 2018

John Dixon

John Dixon is the Principal Consultant of thirteen-ten nanometre networks Ltd, based in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. He has a wide range of experience, (including, but not limited to) operating, designing and optimizing systems and networks for customers from global to domestic in scale. He has worked with many international brands to implement both data centres and wide-area networks across a range of industries. He is currently supporting a major SD-WAN vendor on the implementation of an environment supporting a major global fast-food chain.

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