Mind the missing floor tiles!

We have had a few floor-tiles up recently, watch your footing!

We’ve also switched to using the WordPress Kuhn theme by Mor10.com. The new template uses the CSS Grid technique to provide a different way of presenting the same content more responsively. The earlier theme had a lot of options we didn’t use, and an enormous amount of style baggage, making changes challenging.

We’ll be redecorating and renovating some parts in the site design; which might leave a few odd areas that don’t quite fit with the site’s style. Let us know in the comments the ones that annoy you most, and we’ll fix these first. Images will become more predominant, making it easier to understand the critical elements of a story at a glance. And we’ll be adding some custom elements to the page template to offer a cleaner set of Company Database pages.

Follow our journey, as we push the main elements into our 1310nm.net theme repository on GitHub.

You might also have noticed that our stock quotes are currently non-functional. This is due to Google finally deprecating and removing their Finance API which has been long overdue. (They talked about removing it since October 2012, but until recently it was still serving results.) We’re awaiting an update to the WordPress plugin that will move these to an alternate financial information provider. Keep checking back to see if they are fixed!