Quintillion completes Alaskan subsea cable

Quintillion completes Alaskan subsea cable

Quintillion has announced it has completed the first phase of its cable between and the UK. The finished segment runs from Prudhoe Bay to Nome, as well as the overland segment from Prudhoe to Fairbanks, following the Dalton Highway (of Ice Road Truckers fame). These Alaskan sections bring coastal communities onto terrestrial internet links.

Portions of the cable were installed last year and have been under test during the ice season, with no issues. Alcatel Submarine Networks laid the remaining 40 miles of cable from the C/V Ile de Batz. The overland segment has been in production use since spring this year. The subsea portion enters service later in December this year.

“Completing the Alaska phase is a significant step for our groundbreaking project. Our team overcame considerable challenges, including operating in a short, harsh and unpredictable Arctic construction season. We’re proud of our work and what it will mean to these Alaska communities. Our mission is to deliver the same capacity to our Alaska markets the rest of the US has enjoyed for the past two decades. We believe this will drive new growth and innovation, and enhance education, medicine and other essential services.” – George M Tronsrue III, Interim CEO,

The Alsakan cable will provide high-speed capacity and better quality of service than the existing satellite or microwave services. This will lower the cost for telecommunication service providers, and hopefully their customers. Higher and lower latency will help with video and other collaborative services. Communities will have better opportunities to connect with the rest of the USA and the world. Look for job opportunities for knowledge workers on the west coast of Alaska.

John Dixon

John Dixon is the Principal Consultant of thirteen-ten nanometre networks Ltd, based in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. He has a wide range of experience, (including, but not limited to) operating, designing and optimizing systems and networks for customers from global to domestic in scale. He has worked with many international brands to implement both data centres and wide-area networks across a range of industries. He is currently supporting a major SD-WAN vendor on the implementation of an environment supporting a major global fast-food chain.

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