SEA-US cable ready for service, allowing trans-Pacific growth

Hawaiian Telcom has announced that the SEA-US cable system is ready for service. The cable was built and delivered in less than 3 years since its announcement. With traffic growth forecast in the order of 33% year on year until 2020, the cable looks a good investment. The cable will support up to 20Tb/s using 100Gb/s links. Hawaiian and their partners aim to recover the $250mn investment in the infrastructure laid by NEC.

The other partners in the project are Globe Telecom (Manila, Philippines), GTA (Tamuning, Guam), and Telin (Jakarta, Indonesia). RTI (San Francisco, California) provide the sub-sea know how, and I expect are the major investor in the cable infrastructure.

 It is already showing up as active on the maps I use (see Researching Internet and Sub-Sea cable links.) For points further west, it can take advantage of other cable links in the area. It is less than 1,500 miles from Hong Kong (at the Davao, Philippines landing point), and Singapore (at the Manado, Indonesia landing point).