RFC8200: IPv6 reaches official Standard milestone

The Deploy360 group within the Internet Society report that at IETF99 in Prague, Czech Republic, the IPv6 protocol has reached Standard status after RFC8200 was published on 17 July 2017. This culminations the development process of the IPv6. It also enhances the challenge posed in IPv6 – 5 years after World IPv6 Launch Day – where are we now? You should start planning for IPv6 deployment today, it’s a standard, after all.

In standardising IPv6, the IETF have obsoleted the original RFC2460, and the new RFC8200 becomes STD86. This completes a lot of work that happened in the background since IETF 93 in July 2015, where all the various IPv6 RFC’s were identified for updating. (The RFC’s for reference are RFC5095, RFC5722, RFC5871, RFC6437, RFC6564, RFC6935, RFC6946, RFC7045, RFC7112, which all updated the original in various ways.)

Notice that the standard has not adopted two IPv6 RFCs, IPv6 over Social Networks and Scenic Routing for IPv6. These may be incorporated into the standard in the future.

It is nice to see that RFC8200 credits S. Deering and R. Hinden as authors, they wrote the original RFC2640. The IETF have also made sure we have an easy to remember number for IPv6 going forward.