SDxCentral: Centurylink offers SD-WAN with Versa Networks Technology

SDxCentral reports that CenturyLink is offering an SD-WAN managed service to their customers. Deployed using the Versa Networks platform, this will offer their customers a managed service that reduces the number of suppliers they have to contract with. By saving on vendor-management, CenturyLink is hoping to attract Do-It-Yourself SD-WAN customers.

CenturyLink sees that cannibalisation of the MPLS network is not an issue; customers are looking to improve the bandwidth over a single T1, and not pay much more per month. (Figures in the article say a T1 is $300~$400/month, with a 20Mb/s SD-WAN service costing $350/month). CenturyLink is working with other providers to deliver links outside their normal territory and are looking at international deployments as well.